We worked for the welfare of people ever since, we are very proud of our achievements through the years. It all started with translating official documents and certifications. We got the authority to translate, certified and attest the official documents from the local government.

There was no Pakistani consulate in Norway. We helped to bring Pakistani Embassy to Norway Oslo. We were there for the establishment of the Pakistani Embassy, finding a location, raising a building.

There were no direct flights to Pakistan from Norway. It’s very difficult to travel to Pakistan especially for the families and aged citizens. We were with the movement to brought PIA to Oslo, which ends with the two direct flights to Oslo every week.

In Norway, there were no proper burial services for Muslims, our community had much difficulties bringing dead bodies back to Pakistan, and dealing with all the paper work. KWWSN found a solution, and established the (Dead body fund) for its members. In which, a member can have all the assistance he need in the mourning time. KWWSN helped the family to prepare the body for proper burial and dealt with all paper work for them.

KWWSN works not only for the welfare of Pakistanis in Norway but also worked allot back home Pakistan in Kharian. There was no telephone digital exchange in Kharian. KWWSN took initiative and led the negotiations with the local government in Pakistan. This gave a result in the shape of new digital telephone exchange in Kharian.